BEYOND OUR VOICES is a non-profit company committed to creating awareness about the traumatic, life-changing impact of interpersonal violence, especially domestic violence, not only on the individual but to society in general. It is through campaigns, video podcasts, TV & radio interviews, social media, fundraising events and sponsorship drives that we create awareness to ultimately break the silence, and diffuse the shame.

“It is through story-telling, with its unlimited reach, that we can empower those who have been abused to pick up the fragments of their broken existence, to step away from the past, to heal and to bring about a lasting change.” 

Tracy Going

Author & Activist


BEYOND OUR VOICES video podcast series is about moving beyond our voices, beyond our individual stories, to a place of healing and understanding. Psychologists, counselors, former victims, and others, share their stories, thoughts, knowledge and opinions in order to gain some clarity from a traumatised past.

Although not professional therapy, we hope that these episodes provide value and insight for viewers to look back on their own lives, to be able to embrace a better, safer, and much gentler tomorrow. 


Episode 1 – Release date 1 June 2021 


with Melinda Ferguson

Melinda is a best-selling author, publisher, motoring journalist, and speaker. She has published 3 memoirs, her debut being Smacked, which is a powerful, uncompromising account of her downward spiral into a crack-cocaine addiction. She has co-authored numerous books, including Oscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen. She has published over 50 titles including Pumla Dineo Gqola’s award-winning book Rape: A South African Nightmare.



Episode 2 Release date 15 June 2021


with Dr Marcel Londt

Marcel is currently the Head of the Social Work department at UWC. She is also a practicing clinical social worker and has published her extensive research on sex offenders and men who use violence in intimate relationships. She completed her MA (Clinical Social Work) at UCT on the treatment and assessment of boy children with a history of abuse and neglect and her PhD dissertation on Risk Assessment of Perpetrators of Domestic Violence.


Episode 3 Release date 29 June 2021

SHAME – Let’s talk about it

with Desiree-Anne Martin

Desiree-Anne is an award-winning author, poet, registered counselor in private practice, consultant, lecturer and public speaker. She works with adolescents and adults around issues such as addiction, trauma, boundaries, consent, high-risk behaviour, emotional regulation and identifying toxic relationships. She is also a much sought after public speaker, sharing her own life story of childhood sexual abuse, addiction, struggles in recovery and ultimate survival.

Episode 4 – Release date 13 July 2021


with Lynn Hill

Lynn is an award-winning author, globally recognised inspirational speaker and coach. She studied clinical psychology at UWC and holds post-graduate qualifications in Education & Clinical Psychology. She is the Ambassador for the Mitchells Plain Crisis Line and is an honorary Ambassador for Talk Love Africa Foundation. She is a survivor of multiple rape, teenage pregnancy, and all levels of abuse but has reclaimed herself victoriously.

Episode 5 Release date 27 July 2021 

THE POWER OF THERAPY – but what if I can’t afford it ?

with Musa Khanyile 

Musa is a Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Student Affairs at UCT and also practices privately offering individual psychotherapy, couples and family therapy, and group psychotherapy. He is currently studying towards another Master’s, this time in Public Health. He is also a published award-winning poet. His debut collection won the 2020 South African Literary Award (SALA) and was shortlisted for the 2020 Ingrid Jonker prize.



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The Documentary

A When Love Hurts initiative

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE changes lives.

Abuse experienced at the hand of intimate partners is the most common type of violence, and the leading cause of death among South African women.

The endless high profile murders of women, and the excessive brutality of these murders, remind us daily of the enormous vulnerability of women generally.

It starts in the home, where women face the most violence. It is behind closed doors, where they are alone with the perpetrator, that they are their most vulnerable.

Project Mask

A When Love Hurts initiative

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all.

If you have been left overwhelmed and uncertain of how to help then this is the project for you.

PROJECT MASK is an opportunity to join us and make a difference for R10 only.  With every R10 donated we will be able to supply a mask to someone in need.

To kickstart PROJECT MASK we have partnered with the Saartjie Baartman centre in Manenburg, a shelter for abused women and children, who will distribute where needed on the Cape Flats.

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